If It Takes All Night
I've got my eyes on you
You're playin with peek-a-boo
And it's so exciting
There's such a chemistry between you and me
So there's no use fighting
Don't say, "It's so good J"
Just give your heart away
'Cause I'll find the words to say...

If it takes all night
If it takes all night, honey
Gonna make you mine
If it takes all night
Gotta find a way
To get inside your heart tonight
I'll make the lovin' right
If it takes all night

I hear what people say
Love's just a game you play
For the competition
Even some friends of mine
Say that I'm wastin' time
But my heart won't listen
I know they want you too
They say I won't get through
But it will be me and you

I know my lover when I see him in disguise
And I won't give up 'til I see that fire in your eyes

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