When We Oooo
Hello my love
Wish you were here
So many things in my heart
I'd like to share
A few warm thoughts
A subtle smile
Our conversation through silence
Could last all night

At ease my mind
To see your face
Those sexy eyes could calm
A heart of rage
You speak my name
I touch your hand
The chemistry only true love could understand

(Bridge) You've opened my soul to happiness
And shown me new ways of love
Smooth is life's travels with you beside me
I'll never walk alone

Can't get enough of you
When we oooo
Can't get enough of you
When we oooo

You give of you
All you can give
You've taught me love laugh
You've taught me to live
At rainbow's end
That pot of gold
Can't hold a light to you
'Cause you're my heart and soul

Such passionate love that we make
In time our bodies are one
When loving's done the passion's still strong
'Cause spiritually we are as one

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